Photo by Burak Karaduman from pexels.com

Nowruz marks the first day of Spring and is celebrated on the astronomical vernal equinox on 21 March. Therefore, Nowruz plays a significant role in strengthening the ties between peoples. Using this as a symbol, as the Turkish National Agency, we want to offer an opportunity to colleagues from the network of NAs to gather for three days in İstanbul, reconnecting, looking forward, and celebrating what we have achieved in a rather complex period, taking that experience with us as a boost for the upcoming years.

Quite symbolically, the theme of the NA YouthLAB 2022 will be “Reconnecting” and building the future together. So, let’s leave our day-to-day work aside for a moment, let’s forget about deadlines, IT tools, contracts, application forms, and take a chance to inspire and be inspired.



Even though the COVID19 pandemic affected our plans since the beginning of 2020, we have started new Erasmus and ESC Programmes in 2021. One year has already passed. Therefore, the NA YouthLAB 2022 will be an ideal opportunity for exploring and sharing, welcoming new people, looking at how the new EU Youth Programmes start in 2021, exchanging and discussing good practices, innovative models, exciting ideas, concerns and  visions relating to the work of National Agencies.
We will dedicate time to think together about what needs to be done. We will consider post-Covıd-19 (hopefully!), but not only! We will also have a chance to reflect about the horizontal priorities (green, inclusive, digital), Discover EU etc.
Overall, the NA YouthLAB will be an inspiring and exciting meeting point for colleagues from National Agencies, SALTOs and European Commission.
This website will become the space where all LAB-related information will be shared, before, during and after the event.