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All the discussions, outcomes, resources and possibilities that came out of the Istanbul Youth LAB 2022.

Find HERE the shared online drive with presentations, resources etc. Includes: KMST tools, research from Gary about the future of childhood trends, Climate Justice info etc.

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Know the exact session, and just want to check that one? Find the chronological session list from the March 2022 youth LAB HERE. All activities, in the order that they took place, with hyperlinks to that specific reporting.


Table of reporting outcomes
Welcome to Istanbul! March 2022 Youth LAB

welcome istanbul

Everything you need about the March 2022 event itself, including videos, welcome speeches, participant expectations, social padlet and evaluation of the Youth LAB.

A Youth LAB? What is that?

horizontal logo

Explaining the basics about the staff training approach for the NA network, and where/how the Youth LAB fits in that. Includes memories from the first 3 Youth LABs in Malta (2014), Hamburg (2015) and Prague (2017)

NA Network

NA Network image

Past, present and future of the network, joining as a newcomer, what is changing and how can EU programmes/you as an NA officer and network help with that?


all about KMST

Knowledge Management and Staff Training in the NA Network: what is that, who makes it happen and what activities are there? Also find out here what are the other things that the KMST does.

KMST Competence Framework

framework wheel

Moving from 'what we do' to 'how we do it'. Including a downloadable PDF and links to the Competence Framework card game and other resources.

Delivery of Programmes

Prog delivery image

INTERNAL: Your work as an NA officer - knowledge and practice in your everyday work to deliver the programmes better.

The Priorities

priorities image

Discussion and sharing of tools and practice related to Sustainability, Inclusion, Digital, Participation and also an update on the European Year of Youth, with Q&As.

Potential of Programmes

potential image

EXTERNAL aspects of the Youth Programmes - using them as a tool with beneficiaries and potential organisations. Strategies, tools, apps, and sharing of practice.

Youth Work and European Programmes

Youth field image

The current context that youth work and European Programmes are working within. What is changing, what are the future trends, and how can EU programmes help with that?


Reporting by Susie Nicodemi
Visual/graphic recording by Coline Robin